Meet #PokeTeamDerp!

My Ko-fi page focusses entirely on my Pokémon art.
You can view the Gallery there, shop for merch, commission me or become a Member! There are various Member Tiers that range from basic monthly support to a monthly Sticker Club. All of them come with perks; I’m grateful for all the support.❤

Which Pokémon have been finished and are available as button?
View the most updated PokéDerpDex here (PDF).

Last updated November 9, 2023: Added Poliwag, Dragonite, Chinchou, Wurmple, Shuppet, Sealeo, Zebstrika, Sliggoo, Cutiefly, Toucannon, Arctozolt, Greavard, Charizard Mega-X.

Slowly more Pokémon and other characters will be added but you can help speed things up by putting in requests on my Ko-fi.
(Members can request a full-body Pokémon monthly!)