About Tze

Tze and her Pokémon

Originally born and raised in the Netherlands, I moved to Frankfurt am Main in January 2007 and have worked and lived there ever since.

Failed art schools and a bunch of temp jobs in the Netherlands led to this move. The job at Localisation for Nintendo of Europe was supposed to only last 3 months…look at how time flies!😂

My time at Nintendo* was a life-changing period. It broadened my (international) horizons and made me realise that age expectations and career paths are something invented by society but not a golden rule.
*I didn’t do massively important work, but you might still see my name pop up in manuals and games credits. Hohoho! Achievement unlocked.

Eventually I left in April 2015 to enter gastronomy as a part-time barista at different local roasteries.
In 2018 the artist side business moved from hobby to official, and I started attending more European cons while still making lattes on the side!

Then, 2023 was the year I finally went full-time. Inflation and oversaturation of Artist Alleys haven’t made it very easy. Sadly I had to say goodbye to my barista job, but I’m now transitioning to bartending.

I’m very grateful for the opportunity to try all these things, even with a 20-year delay. Born too early. XD Never stop learning!