Hey, Tze! is a registered part-time business owned by Tze-Ting Chao and not a charitable organisation itself, nor does it represent any charity. Donations by Hey, Tze! are made on a voluntary basis and not because of sponsorships or other ties, nor does Hey, Tze! receive any goods or services in exchange for their donation. It might happen, however, that a charity is chosen based on personal interests (for example when supporting guinea pig charities because of being a guinea pig owner themselves).

What charities does Hey, Tze! donate to?
For now Hey, Tze! will focus mostly on animal rights organisations and local (Frankfurt/Hesse/Germany) organisations that help people who are in direct need of food and housing. Different charities are picked each month and will be announced on this page and on Hey, Tze!’s social media channels:
Twitter | Instagram | Ko-fi

Are you open for sponsorships?
If you work for a charity and want to suggest a way for Hey, Tze! to contribute you can write (using an official e-mail address) to contact[at] Please include name and website address of your organisation and a short explanation of your idea. At the moment Hey, Tze! is open for requests for illustration work, small donations in physical/digital products and wholesale.

How much is donated each month?
This will depend on the amount of sales of charity-line products. In the event that more than 20% of Hey, Tze!’s revenue is meant for donation (for example when more charity-line products than regular ones are sold) Hey, Tze! is legally obliged to reserve the leftover amount for the next financial year.

When does a donation happen and where can I view this?
Donations will be made in the month following that of your purchase. A screenshot of the donation screen or e-mail will be shown on Hey, Tze!’s social media channels and remain available for viewing on this page.

Will I receive a donation receipt or acknowledgment letter?
No. Hey, Tze! is not a charitable organisation itself but a business that donates part of its own proceeds to charities, and therefore cannot provide you with a legal donation receipt or acknowledgment letter.

Will my purchase count towards my tax return?
No. Your purchase of products from Hey, Tze! counts as a regular purchase and is not a direct donation. It does not give you the right to claim a deduction on your individual income tax return.

Previous donations:
2021 May Aids-Hilfe Frankfurt Rainbow Refugee Support | Proof of donation
2021 April Frankfurter TierTafel e.V. | (Waiting for proof of donation)
2021 March There were no sales this month
2021 February Bahnhofsmission | Proof of donation
2021 January Frankfurter Tafel | Proof of donation